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Message from the President

Hello, and welcome to the Fourth Military Medical University(FMMU),a national key university for training highly-qualified military medical staff.

FMMU is located in Xi’an, an ancient and beautiful city in northwest China. FMMU evolved from the amalgamation of the Fourth Military Medical College and the Fifth Military Medical College in 1954, and has grown with a history of 61 years. It has trained a great number of outstanding graduates for both the army and the nation, and meanwhile plays a significant role in military medical service, and major national scientific and technological activities. Dozens of milestone medical operations have been made, such as world's first case of replantation of ten completely severed fingers and world's first case of severe congenital middle-face defect reconstruction.

Every day, on campus, our remarkable students, faculty and medical staff are pursuing knowledge and making new discoveries that have the potential to make great change in China and around the world.

I am honored and proud to serve as FMMU’s president. Working along with our students, faculty, alumni and administrators, I am trying to make FMMU a model for the army, the nation and the world.

I invite you to visit our campus and attend some of our academic activities. You will not be disappointed.

I promise that the more you know about FMMU, the more impressed you will be.

Please enjoy your visit online.

Shitao Zhang


Fourth Military Medical University

Fourth Military Medical University 
No.169,Changle West Road,Xi'an,Shaanxi,710032,P.R.China