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Brief Introduction of The Political Department

Political department , which is the leading body of school political work ,is in charge of managing the Party's work such as developing the organisation and thoughts work under the leadership of school Party Committee and commissar.The main jobs are as follows:Direct the belonging Party Committee to grasp the organising building of the Party , hold the activities of fighting for the advanced and learning from the heroes,take charge of school Communist Youth League's building,youth and women work,organise and hold the activities of supporting the government and loving the people, carry out the work of uniting the crowd, take charge of school military training , and carry out the political work in the tasks including wartime tasks;Lead the school cadre work , for example , the recruitment and distribution of the students , the staff appointment and dismiss dispensation, welfare, withdraw current army, management of retired staff,professional technique staff management, elitist selection and family planning work; Lead the school organisation and education work, such as organising the political education and theories study and managing the news spreading , publishing and political network;Lead the school security work, organize the work of preventing crimes , hiding fightings , criminal detecting , security guarding work and political examination of some staff; Lead the Party's discipline inspection examination work with the discipline inspection commission , direct the belonging departments to carry out the Party's mood and nature education, examine the Party's clean politics building and hold the work of  dealing with the illegal cases and political violation penalty and take charge of the school political theory teaching and researching.

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