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Introduction of Division of Scientific Research Administration

Division of Scientific Research Administration of the Fourth Military Medical University is responsible for the work concerned science and technology in the University. It performs its functions under guidance of Ministry of Health of PLA General Logistics and University Heads. It supervises, manages, and guides the scientific research programme, academic exchange, scientific research findings submission, patent application, achievement transformation, and establishment of key laboratories. Its professional advisory body is Science and Technology Committee of the University.

Main Functions:

To perform the general and specific policies for medical sciences formulated by the Government and Army; to work out the programme for the scientific and technological development; to draw up the annual plan for the scientific research of the University; to make the rules and regulations for the scientific research of the University and to supervise the execution; to offer annual summarization for the scientific research of the University.

To offer professional guidance and services for scientific research institutes and scientific research personnel; to supervise the performance of scientific research in ministries, hospitals and schools of the University; to provide professional training for the administrative personnel in basic units.

To be in charge of the appraisal and construction of scientific research projects, the application and management of scientific research foundation, as well as the inter-university scientific research cooperation.

To work out the annual budget and final accounts of scientific research foundations; to give advice for the allocation; to examine the application and usage of the foundations.

To be in charge of the registration, identification, and recommendation of scientific and technological (medical) achievements.

To be in charge of the generalization, transformation, and technology transfer of scientific research findings.

To be in charge of the examination, approval and management of newly developed medicine, the application and transfer of the patent, the examination and management of intellectual property right, and management of standardization.

To be in charge of the establishment and management of scientific research institutes, disciplines, and key laboratories.

To be in charge of the contact and coordination among internal and external academic societies, associations and organizations; to be in charge of organizing the academic activities, external academic exchanges and science popularizations.

To be in charge of publishing Journal of Fourth Military Medical University and academic publications; to guide and supervise the submission of academic papers and publishing of monographs.

To be in charge of the collection, arrangement and management of scientific research files, and examination of scientific research files security.

To provide the most recent literatures and developments in scientific research administration for University Heads and leaders of the corresponding units in ministries, hospitals, and schools of the University.

To fulfill any tasks assigned by the University Heads.

It now has three divisions: General Office, Section Planning, Achievement Section, and Editorial Department of Journal of Fourth Military Medical University

Functions of General Office:

(1)Be in charge of the routine office administrative affairs, plan for and prepare the weekly work, be responsible for departmental construction and vehicle management, offer good logistic supports, preserve and properly use the official seals; (2) Take charge of organization, cadres, propaganda, culture, safety and educational management; (3) Be entrusted to scientific research archive management; (4) Fulfill the other tasks assigned by the heads.  


Functions of Planning Section:  

Planning: (1) Investigation, formulation and implement of the university's scientific research programs and plans; (2) Application, mid-term management and final acceptance checking of all kinds of national, military and local funds for scientific researches; (3) Financial supervision and management of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the local science foundations; (4) Allocation, appropriation and management of the quotas of the expenses for military scientific researches.


Science: (1) Academic exchanges and technological cooperation home and abroad; (2) Management of standing executive organs of the University Committee of Science and Technology and the institutes or associations attached to the university; (3) Declaration, management and assessment of state key laboratories, PLA key medical laboratories and PLA medical research institutes; (4) Participation of the investigation and demonstration of development strategies of academic subjects and proposal of the conceptions of subject development to the university leaders.  


Functions of Achievement Section:

1.       Organization of the appraisal and declaration of scientific fruits of the university; 

2.       Declaration-related operating instructions of scientific fruits for scientific and technologic staffs and managers;   

3.       Popularization in the PLA and management of practical scientific fruits of the university;

4.       Application and transfer of the patents;

5.       Transformation of the university's scientific fruits and business instruction and management of fee-based service to the outside;

6.       Business guidance and macro-administration of the Journal of the Fourth Military Medical University and the other academic journals;

7.       Statistics and management of academic papers;  

8.       Statistics of scientific researches.


Division of Scientific Research Administration:

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Editorial Department of the Journal of the Fourth Military Medical University

Journal of the Fourth Military Medical University started in March 1980. The Journal is published as a semimonthly, in the format of A4, large 16mo, 105 g copperplate printing and text inserted by color figures. CN 61-1060/R, ISSN 1000-2790. As a high-level comprehensive academic periodical in medicine issued home and abroad, with high-and-middle-level medical staffs as the main readers, the Journal has been selected as a National Core Journal by the Chinese government and appraised as an Excellent Journal of Science and Technology in China. Besides, the Journal is indexed by Chemical Abstracts (CA) and Biological Abstracts (BA) in the United States and Реферативный Журнал ( РЖ ) in Russia, and the impact factor and citation frequency of the Journal are among the best in all the academic periodicals of medicine in China.  



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