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General Affairs Department

The General Affairs Department of the Fourth Military Medical University is a functional department responsible for the administration work and logistics work of the whole school. It of the university's party committee and the university leaders, organizing and implementing the decisions the party committee makes on the whole school's administration and logistics work, and leading and fulfilling the tasks of various managements and logistics revolving around teaching work and the reform task of the socialization of logistics. It is an institution responsible and providing professional assistances for the supervison and management of the whole school personnel and labor, administration work, equipment and communication, finanance auditing, military supply, barracks management, health care, and catering service. The department is also responsible for working out plan for the whole school administration and logistics construction and development and scheme for logistics support and service; for summarizing and popularizing the typical experience in management and logistics work; for promptly reporting to the school's leaders the latest developments in administration and logistics work.

The General Affairs Department consists of 5 functional offices: Military Affairs Office, Finance and Military Supply Office, Barracks Office, a clinic and an office responsible for management of workers; 2 elements directly under the department: Cars and Trucks Team and Communication Station; 2 service units: Logistics Service and Support Center and a hotel directly under the department.


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