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Introduction of Tasks and Responsibilities of the Training Department

The Training Department is the administrative institution of teaching and training. The tasks and responsibilities mainly cover the following aspects: 1. teaching management of the whole school, including the establishment of the discipline construction plan, the talent cultivation plan and the curriculum criteria, the organization of teaching activities, the guarantee of the teaching quality, the organization of the teaching research and reform, and the assessment and recommendation of the teaching achievements. 2. organization of the purchase, the supply and the management of equipment and materials for the teaching, the medical treatment and the research, including the management of the military medical equipment, and the guidance and supervision of the medicine management in the affiliated hospitals. 3. management of the medical service in the affiliated hospitals, including the readiness to offer military medical service and the assessment of the doctor's medical ethnics for the purpose of improving medical service. 4. continuous training, including the vocational training of the young teachers and the correspondence education. 5. planning and construction of the teaching and training infrastructure as the platform for the training of high-level medical talents. 6. construction and operation of the public service system to provide the satisfactory logistic service for the teaching, the medical service and the research.

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