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Brief Introduction of Library

In 1950 the library of the Fourth Military Medical University was established. As the amalgamation of the library of the former Fifth Military Medical University and the Fourth Military Medical University in1954, the collections of the library were shipped from Nanjing to Xi'an. At present, the library of the Fourth Military Medical University is the authorization center for master's degree of library and information science.

The new library was opened in 1998 with a total floor space of 12,000 square meters. Its total amount of collection numbered 679,800 volumes and it's equipped with 832 seats and 320 computers. The library has four storeys. Acquisitions & cataloging section, micrograph centre, outdated books stack and classrooms are on the 1/F. Circulation section and reading room are on the 2/F. Periodical reading room and electronic reading room are on the 3/F. Information network room, educational research section, periodical binding section and internal data reading room are on the 4/F.

Library collections:

- 368,900 books

- 128,900 bound periodicals

- 1,108 kinds of current Chinese periodicals and 185 kinds of current foreign periodicals

- 37 kinds of newspapers

- 1,032 audio-video products

- 36,000 microforms

- 52 electronic databases

-182,000 kinds of  E-book

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