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Computer Network and Information Center

Computer Network and Information Center, which is called Network Center for short, was established in June 1997. It comprises four work groups: system operation group, application and development group, customer service group, teaching and research group. It undertakes many tasks, such as the planning, construction, management and maintenance of internal information network system and application platform, the teaching of computer network and information security courses for undergraduates and graduates, and the training of information technology.

The campus network of FMMU was constructed in early 1997 and basically completed at the end of 2000. It adopts gigabit backbone connections, providing 100Mbps bandwidth to desktop. The optic cable has covered 78 km, with more than 24,231information nodes and 11,854connected computers, covering office buildings, dormitories and residential buildings of three affiliated hospitals. In addition, a network data center is now beginning to take shape. It is composed of an integrated storage system and a VMWare-based virtual service system. The integrated storage system consists of 4 SAN/NAS storage devices and 168 network application servers, with the storage capacity of about 303.9TB.

Network Application. The campus network of FMMU provides various public services for campus users, such as e-mail, DNS, proxy, web anti-virus, FTP, web storage, WSUS, etc., which has created a favorable information environment for the instruction, medical treatment, scientific research, and management of the university.

Information Resources. Network Center has set up a web cluster system covering all the departments and disciplines as well as major businesses of the university. It has launched a web teaching resource construction project; constructed 97 web courses about basic medicine, clinical medicine and dentistry, established more than 129 discipline websites, some application systems about online teaching, learning, communication, and VOD, and set up a comprehensive teaching portal, effectively integrating and sharing the information resources. Until now, the total teaching resources amount to 590GB.

Management System. Network Center has laid down a set of network management rules and regulations, technical specifications, and operating manuals. A three-level management and service system (campus network center, affiliated hospital network center, department network administrator) has been established. A network operation and management system has been developed independently by the network center, which can effectively administrate network users, network resources and performance.

Security Protection. Network Center has set up an intelligent security defense system integrating firewall, intrusion detection, leak scanning, information audit, anti-virus wall and anti-virus system which based on web so that external invasion can be protected, access information audited, internal vulnerability checked, web virus detected and killed, and problems alarmed.

Network Center is characterized by its good working environment and modern facilities. The office area has a floor space of 660m2, in which there are equipment rooms, a user reception room, a R&D room, a system operation room, a reference room, a science hall, and a network laboratory. At present the staff of Network Center work hard and devote every effort to building a digital campus in the new era and achieving the goal of building our university into an advanced research-type military medical university in the world.

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