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Department of medical equipment and metrology

As the youngest member of the school, the department was established at the beginning of 2000. Up to now, the department has supervised over 40 graduate students, doing research in the field of bio-effect of magnetic field, medical equipment and metrology.

Courses offered:

Core courses: Mechanical drawing, English for science and technology, Medical equipment, Graduation project.

Elective course: Medical metrology, Medical equipment, Appreciation of 'Friends'.


As the goal of research work, the department insists on the integration of applied research and fundamental study.

1. Bio-effect of magnetic field

With 3 continuous projects funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China, the department has conducted deeper investigation on bio-effect of the magnetic field, exploring its effect on prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, and the window effect of the magnetic field to seek new ideas and theoretical evidence for clinical magnetic treatment.

2. Medical equipment and metrology

Tracing the front of domestic and oversea development of medical equipment, we try to research and manufacture more advanced medical equipment. Meanwhile, We plan to enhance the connection with domestic scientific research institutes, to make use of the advantage of our major in which science, engineering and medicine are combined together, to expand our scientific research ideas aiming to the front of domestic and oversea development of metrology, to apply for kinds of funds proactively, and according to the situation of our country, to design neotype metrological standardization device, to enact and revise correlative rules and regulations properly, and to promote the level of medical metrology.

To perform above research, the department has established two laboratories- Medical metrology laboratory and Bio-effect of the magnetic field laboratory -under the financial support from the national 211 Project. Since its establishment, the department has been funded by 3 NSFC projects, and awarded a 2nd-prize of National Science and Technology Progress and five patents. We have published over 60 papers and 8 out of them indexed by SCI/EI.

Luo, Erping, Ph.D, professor

Luo Erping, as director of the department, His major research interests are bio-effect of magnetic field, and medical equipment and metrology. He has undertaken 2 projects funded by Natural Science Foundation of China, 11 projects supported by other funds and held five patents. He has been awarded the 2nd-prize of National Science and Technology Progress, silver medal of “YuCai” Prize.

Societies and services:

Vice chairman, Shaanxi Society of Signal Processing

Vice chairman, XI’AN Association of Life Science and Technology

Standing committee member, Medical and Healthy System Engineering Committee of Systems Engineering Society of China

Initial reviewer, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Editorial board, Chinese Journal of Traditional and Western Medicine

Editorial board, Journal of the Fourth Military Medical University

Fourth Military Medical University 
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