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Founded in 1939, the predecessor of the current Tangdu Hospital became the second affiliated general hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University since 1958. In 1985, it was officially renamed as Tangdu Hospital.

Currently, Tangdu Hospital, located in the east of Xi’an, is a general hospital which provides comprehensive medical care, teaching, research, and integrated rehabilitation. With its distinguished history to provide excellent health services to patients nationwide, Tangdu has been ranked consistently among the 100 best national hospitals in China for many years.

Tangdu Hospital has over 241,000 square meters of space, which houses more than 3000 beds and forty-two different medical departments and centers to provide the highest standard of health care for more than110 thousands inpatients and for 1.3 million outpatients every year.Various highly innovative and state-of-the-art clinical technologies are practiced at Tangdu hospital. These include limb-salvage therapy with microwave-induced hyperthermia in bone tumor, microwave-guided stereotactic localization in PD, micro invasive microelectrode-guided stereotactic pallidotomy and thalamotomy in management of drug abuse, tunnel esophagogastrostomy in esophageal carcinoma, therapy in severe laryngotracheal stenosis, therapy in cardiac arrhythmia, dyssomnias and severe hemorrhage fever, radio-frequency ablation in liver and lung cancers, assembly-energy scalpel in lung cancer, esophageal replacement with colon in upper esophageal cancer and esophageal stenosis, assisted reproductive technology, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, interventional therapy in cardio-cerebral-vascular disease and tumor.

The hospital is equipped with some of the most sophisticated state-of-the-art medical devices with a total worth of more than 800 million RMB.These include PET-CT, 3.0T MRI, gamma knife, stereotaxic apparatus, 64 row CT, ECT, digital cardiovascular image apparatus, medical linear accelerator, series color ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, FCM, 1: 800,000 electron microscope, and DNA synthesis analyzer. There are more than 180 professors and associate professors working in seventeen teaching and research centers for twenty-six Ph.D training programs and thirty-five Master training programs. The outstanding clinical services and research have won Tangdu doctors many national awards and recognitions, including Changjiang Scholars, The National Outstanding Young Scholar Fund, The 973 Principle Scientist, The Technology Star of PLA, and High levels of technological innovation talents.

As a teaching hospital, Tangdu trains nearly half of total FMMU 300 medical students clinically every year. Its Ph.D and master programs attract more than 100 outstanding medical students every year. Besides this, the hospital undertakes 6 levels teaching tasks.

As an academic medical center, Tangdu always values medical discovery and its doctors receive more than 50 research grant awards (including NSFC) worth more than 30 million RMB annually. Research teams at Tangdu have been funded by major research projects, such as National 973 program and 863 project. Tangdu investigators publish more than 150 scientific papers in clinical and basal research annually. Tangdu encourages national and international collaboration at multi levels, and hosts more than 60 national or international academic conferences were hosted annually.

With its policy, rich resources and outstanding medical talents, Tangdu is making a tremendous effort to become one of the top general research-oriented academic hospitals in the nation with international impact and prominence.

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