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Gong JU

Prof. Gong JU was born in Shanghai in 1929. He graduated from Hsiangya Medical College in 1952 and was elected a Member of Chinese Academy of Science in 1991. In the year of his graduation, he was recruited by the PLA for a teacher of anatomy and thereafter appointed an assistant in the Department of Anatomy of the Fourth Military Medical University in 1953, mainly working on neuroanatomy. He is one of the founders of modern Neuroanatomy in China and he is the first to have published a paper in China using Nauta technique, a tract tracing technique which appeared in the 50s last century and marked a new era of neuroanatomy. In the late 70s and early 80s last century, among many publications, he, in collaboration with two colleagues, wrote a book of neuroanatomical technique. The book turned out to have great influence in China, even benefited many Chinese students of neuroscience in western countries. His early research interest was in hodology, the discipline of tract tracing, of the central nervous system.

Fourth Military Medical University 
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