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Zhinan CHEN

Zhinan Chen (born in Yixing, Jiangsu Province) graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University with M. D. and Ph. D. degrees. He was elected academician of National Academy of Engineering in 2007. As an expert in cancer cell biology and biopharmaceuticals, he is currently the Director of Cell Engineering Research Center at the Fourth Military Medical University, a National Key Discipline of Cell Biology, and the Principal Investigator in the laboratory of antibody engineering & affinity proteomics, a State key Laboratory of Cancer Biology. He also serves as Chairman of the Committee of Cell Engineering & Transgenic Organism, Chinese Society of Cell Biology (CSCB); Commissioner of Chinese Society of Tumor Marker Oncology, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association; Vice Commissioner of Committee of Biochemistry & Biopharmaceutical, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association; a member of Consulting Committee for National Biology Industry Development; and Chief Research Officer of Vaccine and Antibody Engineering Project, a key project in Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China.

Professor Chen has been engaged in the field of biopharmaceuticals particularly in cancer cell biology, antibody engineering and cell engineering. He has successfully developed Iodine (131I) Metuximab Injection (LICARTINTM), a new biological with sole independent intellectual property right. He is the first to have proposed that HAb18G/CD147 is the target of LICARTIN and to have resolved the crystal structure of the extracellular portion of HAb18G/CD147, which is of great significance for the research and development of noval anti-tumor drugs. He has obtained 11 national patents for invention and 2 copyright-protected software products and is applying for 4 PCT patents. His work has resulted in 53 publications in SCI journals and earned him numerous awards, including the second prize of the National Award for the Advancements in Science and Technology, the first prize of the Shaanxi Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress, and the first prize of the PLA Award for Advancements in Science and Technology.



Tel:          86-29-84773243

ADDRESS:    Cell Engineering Research Center

  The Fourth Military Medical University

 17 Changle West Road, Xi'an 710032

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