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Yunqing LI

Dr. Yunqing LI is an expert for Human Anatomy, a supervisor for doctoral candidates, a chair professor of the Cheung-Kong Scholars Programme (CKSP), a receiver of the special grant from National Natural Scientific Foundation of China (NSFC) for Outstanding Young Scientist and national government special allowance. He was awarded "Silver Star" for the scientific research by the General Department of Logistics, PLA. Dr. Li is the Director of the Department of Human Anatomy, Histology and Embryology and K. K. Leung Brain Research Centre. He was elected as the President of Chinese Association for Anatomic Sciences (CAAS), a member of the Standing Committee of Chinese Society for Neuroscience (CSN), Director of PLA Council on Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, and a member of Discipline Evolution Committee of the Academic Degree Council of the State Council of China. He works as the Chief editor for《Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy》and the Vice-chief editor for《Acta Anatomica Sinica》.

Dr. Li's research is focused on the neural mechanisms underlying analgesic effects exerted by the central endogenous descending pain control system. His research work has been financially supported by grants for Outstanding Young Scientist from NSFC, Innovation Research Team Program of the Ministry of Education of China, National Program of Basic Research of China (973), and National High Technology Project of China (863), NSFC.

Dr. Li has won one first class award from Chinese Medical Science and Technique Prize, two first class awards from Shaanxi Province Scientific and Technologic Progress Prize and four second class awards from Chinese PLA Scientific and Technologic Progress Prize. He has published more than 250 scientific research papers, among which 88 have been published on international journals, such as 《Pain》, 《J Comp Neurol》and《Neuroscience》. These papers published on the SCI-collected international journals have been cited over 500 times by other authors.


His representative papers are:


1.Substantia gelatinosa neurons in the medullary dorsal horn. An intracellular labeling study in the rat. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 1999; 411: 399-412  (IF=3.764)

2.Morphological features electrcal membrane properties of projection neurons in the marginal layer of the medullary dorsal horn of the rat. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2000;424: 24-36   (IF=3.772)

3.Intracellular labeling study of neurons in the superficial part of the magnocellular layer of the medullary dorsal horn of the rat. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2000; 428: 641-655  (IF=3.772)

4.Adenosine suppresses the response of neurons to GABA in the superficial laminae of the rat spinal dorsal horn. Neuroscience, 2003, 119: 145-154  (IF=3.601)

5.5-Hydroxytryptamine1A receptor is a mediator of bee venom induced inflammatory. Pain, 2003, 106: 135-142  (IF=4.556)

6.The reciprocal connections of endomorphin1- and endomorphin 2-containing neurons between the hypothalamus and nucleus tractus solitarii in the rat. Neuroscience, 2006;138: 171-181  (IF=3.427)

7.Dose-related antiallodynic effects of CREB-antisense oligonucleotide in the spared nerve injury model of neuropathic pain. Neuroscience, 2006;138: 1083-1093  (IF=3.427)

8.Effects of noradrenaline on the GABA response in rat isolated spiral ganglion neurons in culture. Journal of Neurochemistry, 2007, 103:57-66  (IF=4.260)

9.Origins of endomorphin- immunoreactive fibers and terminals in different columns of the periaqueductal gray in the rat. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2008; 509: 72-87  (IF=3.831)

10.  Synaptic connections between GABAergic elements and serotonergic terminals or projection neurons in the ventrolateral orbital cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 2008 (in press)  (IF=6.519)

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