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Guangchun GE

Guangchun GE  Master of Military Science, Professor of English, Mentor for Master's Degree Candidates

Chair of Foreign Languages Department, School of Basic Medical Science, Fourth Military Medical University

Director of Foreign Language Training Center, General Department of Logistics (GDL), People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Professor Ge is a member on the GDL Board of Experts for Teaching Affairs in Military Academies, a member of PLA Evaluating Committee for Promotion to Professorship in Translation and a member of GDL Evaluating Committee for Promotion to Professorship.

He now also serves as Chairman, Association of Foreign Languages Teaching and Research in Military Medical Universities and Colleges, PLA; Northwest Group Leader, Advisory Board for Foreign Languages Teaching in Military Academies, PLA; Vice President, Northwest Branch of Foreign Languages Teaching, China Educational Technology Association; Vice Chairman, Section of Foreign Languages Teaching, China Medical Association; Vice Chairman, Shaanxi Association of Foreign Languages Teaching for Postgraduates; and Vice-President, Shaanxi Translation Association.

For his teaching work, Professor Ge has been awarded the titles of "PLA Excellent Teacher" and "GDL Excellent Teacher" and "Gold Metal of Cultivating Talents in Military Academies".

Professor Ge's research is focused on college English teaching, English for Specific Purposes. (ESP) and English for Medical Purposes (EMP), where his areas of long-term interest include medical academic vocabulary, and genre and style analysis of medical research articles. His research has been financially supported by grants from National Ministry of Education and Health Department of GDL. He has won one second-class and one third-class Prize for Teaching Achievements in Military Academies awarded by PLA.

He has published over 50 research papers, two of which were published in the SSCI-collected international journal --- English for Specific Purposes.



Department of Foreign Languages

School of Basic Medical Sciences

Fourth Military Medical University

17 Changle West Road

Xi’an, China 710032, P.R. of China

E-mail: guangcge@fmmu.edu.cn

Phone: 86-29-8477 4475 (Office)

Fourth Military Medical University 
No.169,Changle West Road,Xi'an,Shaanxi,710032,P.R.China