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Libing LIU

Dr. Libing LIU's Information in English

Dr. Libing LIU, Experiment medicine expert, member of Teaching Supervisory Committee of Ministry of Education of China for basic medicine. He is now the Director and Professor in the Center of basic medicine teaching experiment, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Fourth Military Medical University.  He is also an expert of Military academies Laboratory Cooperative Group of PLA.  

He is engaged in scientific research about Japanese encephalitis virus therapy. 

He gained the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Military in 1997 (3rd place), the First Prize for Modern Education Technology of Shaanxi Province in 2001 (1st place), a State utility model patents China in 2008 (1st place).

He has 66 papers published on journals, 1 Master student have been supervised by him.


Publications (selected):

1.Liu LB, Liang J, Duan CG, Shang LJ, Xie A, Effect of different ions at various concentrations outside the carotid sinus on blood pressure. Chinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation, 2006;25(8)182-183.

2.Huang JH, Liu LB,Xu WZ, Yu J, Deng J. Suppressive Effects of Intrathecal Application of Diazepam on Visceral Pain and Hyperalgesia Inguced by Intracolonic Instillation of Formalin. IJBS. 2006;2(1)64-72.

3.Luo W, Zhuang R, Wu H, Liu LB, Liu FE, Chen JK, Yang F. Efect of aspirin on learning and m emory in the cerebral ischemia rat. Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medical Science ,2004;13(2)142-144

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Change. The Journal of Practical Medicine.2004;20(6)600-602

5.Liu LB, Liu SB, Shang LJ,Wang Z, Yu J. The effect of alcohol on the myocardium of mouse. Chin Heart J,2004;16(5)435-436

6.An QX, Liu LB,  Cheng XD, Chen JK,Shang LJ, Ma WY. Effect of pentoxifylline on myocardial TNF—α gene expression in rats with endotoxemia.Chin Heart J,2003;15(3)196-198

7.Liu LB, Shang LJ, Qiu F, Wang Y. Effects of furm of roast on rats’ lung. J Fourth Mi1 Med niv,2002;23(7)649-650

8.Liu LB, Jiang SZ, Ma WY. The Study of Attachment of JEV to C6/36 Cells by Immumoenzyme Cytochemical Assay.  Chinese Journal of monoclonal antibody 1994; 10(2):28

9.Liu LB, Jiang SZ, Ma WY, Yu BY, Zhan MJ, Wang MX .Distribution of 125-I Monoclonal Antibody in the Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infected Mice. Chinese Journal of Nuclear Medicine 1991; 11(2):121

10.Liu LB, Jiang SZ, Ma WY, Yu BY, Zhan MJ, Wang MX . Pretection of Monoclonal Antibody in the Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infected Mice. Chinese Journal of Immunology, 1990; 6(1)35-37.

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