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Department of Mathematics and Physics

As one of the oldest departments in the university, the department of Mathematics and Physics was set up in 1954. Currently it has total 19 faculty members including 9 professors and associate professors. To build up solid theoretical background for medical students, we offer more than 20 courses.

(1)Core Courses:

Advanced Mathematics and Medical Physics for undergraduate students major in medicine, and Fuzzy Mathematics for undergraduate major in health statistics.

Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Complex Variable Functions, and Integral Transformation, and General Physics for undergraduate students major in biomedical engineering.

(2)Elective Courses:

Fuzzy Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Laser in Medicine, Medical Electronics, Hemorheology, Biological Nonlinear Dynamics for graduate students. 

Fuzzy Mathematics, Mathematical modeling, Medical Acoustics, Historical development of Physics, Laser in Medicine for undergraduate students.


The department has 5 teaching labs for experiments and practice, including biomechanics, biological complexity, medical optics and mathematical modeling lab. With many years of painstaking efforts, the department has obtained noticeable teaching achievement, including best teaching group award of the university, 6 awards of the university for teaching achievement and reformation, and the first prize of the national mathematical modeling contest for undergraduates. Among the department faculty, 2 of them have been awarded "Top Ten Youth in Teaching" and 2 have been appraised as “excellent teacher” by the university, and 3 have been awarded the first prize of teaching competition in physics and chemistry for northwestern military colleges and universities.

Research areas:

Medical application of plasma; Biological effects of laser and electromagnetic field; Biological complexity; Mathematical modeling.

The research work has been supported by 3 projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 projects funded by Shannxi Natural Science Foundation, and 1 funded by military foundation. Over 300 papers and 4 books have been published.

Group leaders:

Xuemin Qu, MS, associate professor, director. Committee member of Shaanxi Physics Society, committee member of physics and chemistry society of northwestern military colleges and universities. Research areas: biomedical engineering and medical application of plasma.

Tel: 029-84774834

 Wenchao Li, MS, associate professor, vice director.

Research areas: biomedical mathematical modeling

Tel: 029-84774833-801

Contact us:

E-mail: math2000@fmmu.edu.cn



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No.169,Changle West Road,Xi'an,Shaanxi,710032,P.R.China