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Department of Nursing Management

Department of Nursing Management in the Fourth Military Medical University was founded in 1993 and was ratified as the discipline conferring doctoral and master's degree in nursing in 2002.

The department has dedicated itself to humane nursing education and research and achieved great successes since its founding. At present, it undertakes many teaching tasks mainly for undergraduates. It offers six compulsive courses for nursing students, such as Nursing Management, Nursing Psychology, Nursing Aesthetics and Etiquette, Nursing Research, Nursing Education and Nursing & Law. In addition, it offers five elective courses for medical students, including Fundamental Knowledge and Appreciation of Dancing, Physique Training, Sex Health for University Students, Social Psychology and Oral English for Nurses. It has won several prizes of educational achievements of the university and two military prizes of Science & Technology Advancement.

The department mainly focuses its researches on nursing psychology, nursing aesthetics, and nursing &law. It has been in charge of three research projects of the university and Shaanxi Province and participated in several research projects of national, military, ministerial or provincial levels. In recent years it has published over 70 papers as first author and more than 20 textbooks.

There are five teachers in the department, among whom four are associate professors (two with MD). One of them has been awarded the silver prize of Exemplary Teacher of the PLA and the honorable title of Exemplary Teacher of classic lecture by the university.

Brief Introduction of Zhang Yinling

Zhang Yinling, MD, is director and associate professor of Department of Nursing Management in the university. She is member of Chinese Nursing Association, Chinese Psychological Society and Nursing Education Branch of Shaanxi Nursing Association. She mainly focuses her researches on nursing psychology. She has been in charge of one research project of the university and participated in two research projects of the university and the army. She has 13 books published. In addition, she has published 24 papers as first author on teaching and research work, one of which is published in SSCI journal. She has been awarded 3 prizes of educational achievements of the university.


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