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Department of Clinical Nursing

Department of Clinical Nursing in the Fourth Military Medical University was set up in 2000 and was authorized to confer master's degree in nursing in 2002.

The department mainly undertakes the teaching tasks for undergraduates and postgraduates in nursing. It offers 5 courses on clinical nursing, including Health Assessment, Emergency Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Health Education, and War Injury Nursing. In addition, it offers Health Education and Promotion for postgraduates and three elective courses for undergraduates in medicine. The teaching hours per year of the department amount to 800.

The department is mainly engaged in the researches on nursing education, medical nursing and health promotion of the aged. The main research field of the department is teaching and research of clinical nursing. At present, it undertakes one research project of provincial level. Two research projects have been awarded the third prize of Science & Technology Advancement of the army. In recent years 5 textbooks and 40 papers on teaching and research work have been published as first author in core or source journals in China.

There are 5 teachers in the department, with one associate professor and one lecturer. 80 percent of them have been conferred Master's degree. One of the teachers has been awarded the honorable title of Exemplary Teacher of classic lecture by the university and two of them have been awarded the honorable title of Exemplary Teacher of the university.


Brief Introduction of Guo Mingxian

Guo Mingxian, Master of Medicine, is director and associate professor of Department of Clinical Nursing in the university. She is tutor of postgraduates for Master’s degree. She is member of Chinese Nursing Association and Internal Medicine Branch of Shaanxi Nursing Association. Her research fields are nursing of internal medicine and nursing education. She has been awarded the third prize of Science & Technology Advancement of the army twice and two prizes of educational achievements of the university. She has been in charge of one research project of provincial level and participated in two research projects of the army. She has published 39 papers as first author or correspondence author on teaching and research work, two of which have been chosen as excellent papers by Shaanxi Scientific and Technological Society. She is editor in chief of four published textbooks.


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