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Aerospace Medicine

The School of Aerospace Medicine of the Fourth Military Medical University was founded in 1960, and now is the only training base in all the institutions of higher education in China for personnel specializing in aerospace medicine. School of Aerospace Medicine is dedicated to advancing aerospace medical knowledge and clinical practice through scholarly research, aviation doctor or flight surgeon education and high-quality care. The school nurtures the development of aerospace medical students, physicians and scholars in the clinical and basic sciences and supports the dissemination of research advances for the benefit of society.

 The School offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Each year, the school educates more than 100 aerospace medical students and trains more than 100 aerospace medical residents and research fellows. The school’s faculty members are involved in teaching, providing medical care and conducting research into the health challenges facing aerospace environment. The school has 1 student unit and 6 departments, ranging from basic science research to clinical medical specialties of aerospace medicine. The School is also a key national discipline and a key laboratory of Aerospace Medicine of Ministry of Education.

The dean's office takes charge of providing administrative leadership and overseeing the School of Aerospace Medicine's operations in support of the school's overall mission.

Dean's Office

Dr. Yao-Ming Chang, Professor

Dean, School of Aerospace Medicine

Fourth Military Medical University

17 Changle West Road

Xi'an 710032, China

Phone: 86-29-84774381

Fax: 86-29-84774387


Department of Aerospace Physiology

Department of Aerospace Biodynamics

Department of Clinical Aerospace Medicine

Department of Psychology

Department of Aerospace Hygiene and Health Service

Department of Aerospace Medical Equipment

Fourth Military Medical University 
No.169,Changle West Road,Xi'an,Shaanxi,710032,P.R.China