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Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS), Xijing Hospital, the Fourth Military Medical University (FMMU) was established by the famous Prof. Wang Liangneng in 1955, which was one of the first established departments of PRS. The department began to admit the postgraduate of master in 1979 and the postgraduate of doctor in 1986. It was approved to be the Center of PRS of Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the mobile station for the post-doctors in 1986. The department became the single Institute of PRS Research of PLA in 2006 and the Culturing National Key Discipline in 2007. It is also the "211" National Key Discipline and the "2110" Military Key Discipline.

There are 27 surgeons, including 5 professors, 9 associate professors and 9 instructors. Many surgeons once studied in America, England or Japan. Two third surgeons got the doctoral degree.

The area of the building PRS outpatient department is more than 1400m2。 There are two endemic areas with 100 patients beds in the ward. The surgeons are divided into 7 groups, including organ reconstruction group, wound repair group, cutaneous tumor treatment group, dentofacial surgery group, scar repair group, breast formalization group and aesthetic surgery group. The operating room is independent and special. The number of the outpatients is more than 40000 and inpatients, more than 2500, and 10000 patients got operation every year. The department has many advanced medical treatment facilities, such as the imported introscope, liposuction machine, mini-saw, operating microscope, laser facial equipment.

The department formed the special feature in the treatment for scar after burn in 1950s, and the related techniques remain to be in the leading domestic position. The department began to use the microsurgical technique to repair the wound and developed a series of the techniques. In April, 2006, the surgeons   did the operation of transplantation of allogenic facial tissue secondly in the world using the microsurgical technique. Now they have saved a lot of complicated facial wound patients. The department firstly developed the soft tissue expanding technique in China in 1980s, and used this technique to improve the repair of the scar and the reconstruction of the organ. For the past few years, the reconstructions of the ear and nose using the soft tissue expanding technique have reached the advanced level in the world.

The laboratory of PRS occupied 400M2, including the cell culture room, molecular biology room, histopathology room, animal experiment room, microsurgery room, image manipulation room and reference room. The value of the advanced research equipments is more than one million and five hundred thousand yuan. The laboratory got the more than 40 funds, including one national key nature science item fund and eight national nature science funds, as well as military science funds and provincial science funds. The research jobs mainly surround the wound reparation, including the mechanism of tissue injury and wound healing, scar prevention and cure, tissue engineering et al. Now the research jobs focus on the treatment to immunological rejection after allogenic tissue transplantation. About 10 postgraduates are enrolled every year.

The department has published 9 professional books and more than 600 pieces of articles. There are about 20-30 pieces of articles published every year, including 5-10 pieces of articles included by SCI. The highest affecting factor of the article is 28.6(Lancet). The department has obtained one item of first grade and two items of third grade Rewards of Natianal Science and Technology Progress, one item of first grade and one item of second grade Rewards of Provincial Science and Technology Progress and seven items of second grade Rewards of Military Science and Technology Progress.

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