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Imaging Medicine and Nuclear Medicine

The Discipline of Imaging Medicine and Nuclear Medicine, including 3 sub-disciplines, i.e., Radiological Diagnostics, Ultrasonographic Diagnostics and Nuclear Medicine of the Fourth Military Medical University, belongs to the earliest constructed ones in our country. Many famous specialists, such as Guo Qin-lin, Qian Yun-qiu and Deng Jing-lan, contributed a lot to the construction and development of the discipline. In 1957, the first isotopes laboratory in China was founded in the discipline. In 1979, it was determined as the military radiological imaging center by the General Logistics Department, and authorized as the first batch of granting master's degree subject in 1981 and became the chairman's unit of the Military Ultrasound Medicine Professional Committee from 1985. In 1986, it was authorized as the granting doctor's degree subject and a composing subject of the post-doctoral mobile research center in 1995. In 2001, it was authorized as the military medical imaging center, and in the same year the International Ultrasound Education Center cooperated with Jefferson University of the United States by WHO.
This subject leaded in introducing CT to China in 1979 and published the first Chinese academic book "The clinical application of CT" in 1985. The department possesses more than 100 advanced machines, of which the whole value is 3.2 billion Yuan, such as 64-detector-row spiral CT, 3.0T Superconduct Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, Digitized Computer Tomography, Digitized Gastrointestinal Angiography Equiment, PET, SPECT, Sequoia 512 Color Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment, etc., making it always at the leading level of its kind both in the quality and in the quantity of the equipment in China. The PACS system it has introduced realized comprehensive information management, in which the digital imaging examination data are mainly stored by optical disk, can be transmitted by network and realize remote consultation. The subject occupies 21,000 square meter, making more than 800,000 diagnoses and treatments per year.
Based on the development needs and nowadays research foci in the field of imaging medicine and nuclear medicine, the subject refines the development directions continually and formed some main directions of studies,  e.g., "Detection of cardiac function and the imaging diagnosis and therapy of coronary artery disease", "The imaging diagnosis and interventional therapy of congenital heart diseases", "Molecular imaging", "The imaging diagnosis of intracranial and peripheral vascular diseases", "The interventional diagnosis and therapy of tumor". For the first time in China and abroad, the department established the comprehensive imaging diagnostic value evaluation and superiority application principles of complex congenital heart diseases by echocardiography, electronic beam computer tomography, magnetic resonance and angiocardiography and proposed a new viewpoint that extracardiac great vessels defects imaging taken by EBT and MRI combined with echocardiography can basically replace CAG. For the first time, the department carried out transthoracic echocardiography guided interventional therapy of congenital heart disease, and assisted/guided the cardiovascular center to accomplish the the largest number of treatments of congenital heart diseases and the occlusion therapy of the largest sized atrial septal defect up to now both in China and all over the world. For the first time, the department treated ectopic pregnancy by using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and gained good effects. In addition, the department developed radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma with clustered electrodes and the number of the treated cases is the largest in China.
Centering on the main research directions, the subject undertakes 57 research tasks of the national, the provincial/ministrial levels, or being part of  international cooperative projects, of which the total amount of funds is 1,358,000 yuan. It has acquired 1 first-class and 8 second-class prizes from the Province or the Ministry and more than 880 research papers were published in specialized core journals, among which 45 papers were published in SCI journals.
 After several decades of continuous construction, the subject has formed an academic team made up by the combination of the senior, the middle-age and the young, with a rational structure and a rather strong influence. In this team, there are 18 professors, 22 associate professors and 34 lecturers, in whom 35 persons possess doctor degree. In recent 5 years, the cultivated Doctor and Master degree postgraduates reached 164, 70% of whom are department leaders or academic backbones of many large military or public hospitals. The subject has become the training base for high-level talents in the whole country.  
Brief introduction of the Discipline leader
Duan Yun-you, professor, director doctor, doctoral supervisor. He is currently vice chairman of Chinese Medical Imaging Technology Research Association, director of Chinese Association of Ultrasound in Medicine and Engineering, vice chairman of the Ultrasound Subcommittee of Chinese Medical Imaging Technology Research Association, standing committee member of Ultrasound Subcommittee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association , committee member and general secretary of Military Ultrasound Medicine Speciality Committee, vice chairman of Shaanxi Ultrasound Medicine Society, chairman of Xi'an Ultrasound Medicine Society, executive member of the editorial board of Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging Technology, member of editorial board of Journal of China Clinic Medical Imaging, Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging, and Chinese Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. He has published 15 papers in SCI journals including Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, Echocardiography etc, and 230 papers in specialty journals such as Chinese Journal of Ultrasonography, achieved 7 scientific research funds including national natural science funds, military funds and provincial funds, obtained 6 second-class awards of the Scientific and Technological Progress from the army and Shaanxi province. He also chief-edited or co-edited 9 professional books, cultivated 37 master and doctor degree graduates totally.




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