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Clinical Stomatology

The Section of Clinical Stomatology belongs to School of Stomatology, the Fourth Military Medical University, which was the sole Stomatology School completely founded by the Chinese people. It is one of the first state-admitted master’s and doctoral degree conferring department, postdoctoral training center, and national 211-Projects Key Discipline. It is also one of the first section included in “Cheung Kong Scholars Program" by the Ministry of Education. The National Clinical Pharmeceutical Center is among the first admitted by the Bureau of State Food and Drug Administration.

In this section, we have a group of famous scholars with high academic achievements. Many of them hold positions in both Chinese and international associations. The renowned professors as well as young scholars formed a well-structured, highly-qualified, and innovative professional team.

Since 1979, the section has trained 522 postgraduate students, including 159 doctoral candidates. Since the 9th Five-Year Plan, the section have succeeded in 47 research grant applications, including international-cooperative projects, national projects and provincial projects. We have got all of the 5 National Science and Technology Progress Awards in the field of stomatology. Among those, 2 are Second-Class Awards, which are the highest level awards in stomatology. We also received 46 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards. We have published 29 monographs and 1178 papers. The number of awards, books and papers published is the biggest among all stomatological schools in China.

The Journal of Practical Stomatology and Journal of Chinese Conservative Dentistry are two of the journals edited by the section. The impact factor of these two journals was the highest among all Chinese stomatological journals in 1998 and 1999. Assigned as chief-editors by the Ministry of Education, we edited two textbooks “Prosthodontics” and “Operative Dentistry”, which are members of the Textbook Series for 21st Century .

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