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Department of Dermatology

Since its establishment in 1954, the University of Fourth Military Medical University (FMMU), Department of Dermatology has been a leader in patient care, research and education in China. The FMMU department of dermatology has been selected as one of the national key disciplines in dermatology in 2001 and one of the institutes of PLA in dermatology in 2006.  
    We maintain our strong commitment to clinical service, translating research discoveries into improved patient care and world-class education programs. Our dedication to scientific research has made the University of FMMU a leading center for the investigation of many skin diseases.
NAA (natural auto-antibodies) and skin disorders, melanoma, vitiligo, new diseases "Fetal bacterial granuloma after trauma" and genetics skin diseases are the main research directions in this department.
 The Chairman of the department is Prof. Tianwen Gao. The faculty is consisted of 5 professors, 10 associate professor, 5 attending physicians. In addition, there are more than 50 members working in the department as technicians and nurses. Moreover, we have several programs for the postgraduate students, residents and post doctoral fellows. The number of the trainees in the department is greater than 50 each year.  
With talented and internationally respected faculty, the FMMU Department of   Dermatology has trained generations of china-class dermatologists. In the department, we always keep in mind the need to reevaluate the level of our clinics, education, and research in light of international standards. The Department continues to grow,   increasing access to clinical services while providing specialized care in our specialty clinics. The Department of Dermatology continues to embark on new initiatives designed to foster continued growth, and to establish the department as a center of excellence in clinical care, education, and research, and a leading center for academic dermatology.

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