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Chinese Journal Conservative Dentistry

Chinese Journal of Conservative Dentistry》(CN 61-1254R,ISSN 1005-2593is an academic journal under the auspices of the School of Stomatology of the Fourth Military Medical University, with the Health Department of the General Logistics Department of the PLA in charge administratively. It was started by Prof.Shi Jun-nan, a celebrated Chinese Stomatlolgical pioneer, in September of 1991.Prof.Tang Rong-yin,an expert in conservative dentistry and oral preventative medicine, has been the editor-in-chief since 2006, while Prof.Shi Jun-nan being the honorary editor-in-chief. The Journal first appeared as quarterly, then bimonthly, and now it comes out monthly. It is currently the sole journal in oral medicine in China. With a history of 17 years' publication, the Journal has won itself a high academic prestige and gained widespread influence in China's oral medicine circle.The Journal's readership covers oral medical professionals as well as teachers and students in various medical schools, institutes and hospitals around the country.

   Sitting on the editorial board of the Journal are 57 well-know dental experts, 48 professors and 9 associate professors, from all over the country. Prof. Jin Shao-zhi, an expert in oral anatomy and surgery, and Prof. Situ Zhenqiang, an expet in oral biology and dentofacial surgery, are among the standing members on the editorial board, and they are in charge of the finalization of the texts, both Chinese and English versions.

The Journal runs a variety of columns and publishes articles on different topics, such as cariology, operative dentistry, endodontology, periodontology, pedodontology, gerodontology, preventive dentistry, philosophy, nursing and technology. Following the principleof combining theory and practice, the Journal strives to promote basic theories and clinical techniques of cariology, operative dentistry, endodontology and periodontology. It promptly reports academic research findings, typical clinical cases, and the latest trends in the field. Therefore, it is regarded as an ideal platform for professionals in oral medicine to demonstrate their academic achievements by having their papers published in the Journal. At the same time, it also provides the professionals with opportunity to exchange their views and to help make acquaintance with each other academically.

  The Journal adopts the conventional international standards and style. Much of editorial work is now done online. Contributors can send their manuscripts electronically and communicate with the editors and reviewers via e-mail. There is an English Table of Contents and an English version of every abstract of the article to facilitate index and retrieval. The successes of the Journal have brought it a lot of fame and awards. In 1995, the National Science Committee accredited the Journal as a source periodical. In 1999 it was selected as a source for Chinese scientific and technogical papers,Chinese Science Citation Databaseand Chinese Academic Journal Synthetic Estimate Data. The articles in the Journal are in whole embodied in The Chinese Nucleus Journal(selected) Database, Chinese Jounal Net and The Chinese Academic Periodical (CD edition). The Journal has also won the "Outstanding Editorial Prize"of the medical periodicals in the PLA on several occasions and was appraised as a scientific and technological periodical of first class quality in Shaanxi Province.

Address:Editorial Department,<Chinese Journal of Conservative Dentistry>

        School of Stomatology,Fourth Military Medical University

        145 West Changle Rood, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China

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