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Chinese Heart Journal

The Chinese Heart Journal was initiated in February 1989 and enlisted into original statistical source periodical of Chinese Scientific and Technological Journals of National Scientific Committee in 1998. It is printed with international standard A4 fine colorful papers with hardback coperplate and it is 128 pages in every issue. In 2004 it was reported that the impact factor and cited frequency of The Chinese Heart Journal were among the first one-third of all Chinese Journals. It is also one of the ISSN/CN enlisted journals. The Chinese Heart Journal is co-sponsored by Chinese Heart Society and Chinese Society of Cardiac Function of Chinese Medical Information Association. All the the editors and consultants for The Chinese Heart Journal are famous specialists in the field of cardiovascular research. The scope of The Chinese Heart Journal is: 1. the research of the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, pathophysiology, pathoanantomy, pharmacology and molecularbiology related to cardiovascular system. 2. the cardiovascular diseases related research in the fields of internal medicine, surgery, pediatric, geratology and obstetric and gynecology. 3. the basic research and clinical practice of the technology evaluation on cardiovascular functions and the development of new technology and equipment in processing of electrical and functional information of the heart. 4. the research in the field of combining modern western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The main columns include: scientific research original articles related to basic research and clinical research, review, rapid report, brief report, case report, specialist forum, graduate students forum and lectures. This journal is mainly designed for basic and clinical researchers, doctors and related technicians, but it is also fit for senior students of medical schools.


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