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Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy

Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy is established in 1985 and sponsored by the Chinese Association of Anatomical Sciences (CAAS) and the Fourth Military Medical University.


Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy is a vehicle for the publication of basic scientific researches relating the nervous system. The scope of the journal concentrates on reports on neurobiology, incuding neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, molecular neurobiology, etc. The review on updated techniques, concepts and trends in neuroscience is also welcomed. Information about the incoming academic meetings, books, research groups can be announced in this journal. All efforts are made to improve the domestic and international academic communications for Chinese neuroscientists as well as the level of Chinese neuroscience research.


The editorial board is consisted of 7 professors and 2 editorial managers under the leadership of the current editor in Chief, Prof. Yun-Qing Li, the running president of the CAAS, from the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology and K. K. Leung Brain Research Centre of the Fourth Military Medical University. We are trying our best to encourage the academic communication by reducing both publication-related fee and publication period as much as possible.


Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy holds the award of excellent journal for military medicine. It ranked within top 100 out of 1286 Chinese source journals and the full-texts of published papers are embodied in many databases such as "Chinese Journals", "Wan-Fang database", "Vipar database", "Chinese academic journals (CD version)" and "Chemical Abstract". Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy is also a source journal for "Database for comprehensive evaluation of Chinese academic journals" and "Citation database for Chinese Science" as well as core journal for "Journals of Chinese clinical and basic medicine" and "Journal of Chinese natural sciences". Six issues are published each year.


Any further question about submission can be forwarded to editorial manager Miss. Xiao-Li Ma at: chinjnafmmu.edu.cn. Please visit our website: http://sjjp.chinajournal.net.cn.


Address and contacting information:


Chinese journal of Neuroanatomy


Department of Anatomy, Histology & Embryology and K. K. Leung Brain Research Centre


The Fourth Military Medical University


No. 17 West Chang'le Road


Xi'an, 710032


Tel: 86-29-83283229


Fax: 86-29-83283229


Fourth Military Medical University 
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