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General information

Xijing Hospital is located in Xi'an, an ancient city of China. The hospital was first set up as the Second Army Hospital under the Northwest Military Area Command. In 1954, when the Fourth Military Medical University (FMMU) grew out of the amalgamation of the former Fifth Military Medical College and the former Fourth Military Medical College, the hospital became the First Teaching Hospital affiliated to the FMMU. The hospital has been known as "Xijing Hospital" since 1984. After a five-decade growth, Xijing Hospital has developed into a large modern general hospital, a tripartite of service, teaching and research in medicine. The hospital is characterized by a complete array of medical disciplines and specialties, a galaxy of capable medical professionals with consummated clinical skills and outstanding research competence, and a whole spectrum of medical facilities. The hospital was ratified as a Class A Tertiary General Hospital in 1993.

Xijing Hospital encompasses an area of 280,000 square meters with a floor space of 437,300 square meters. A total area of 297,300 square meters is dedicated to medical service. The hospital has nine national key disciplines (including three in developing), as well as eight specialized research institutes and eight specialized medical centers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). The hospital ranks atop among all the PLA hospitals in China in the total number of PLA specialized research institutes, PLA specialized medical centers and PLA top-priority disciplines.

Xijing hospital boasts a whole set of sophisticated medical equipment, including MRI, PTCT, Double-Source CT, Medical Linear Accelerator, Surgery Navigation System, Electron Beam Imaging Scanning System (EBT), Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation System and Intensity Modulated Radiation System, with a total value of more than 700 000 000 yuan. In addition, investments from the hospital have been increased annually to improve both the medical environment and service. In face of the intensified competition in the medical profession, Xijing Hospital stands out as a domestically and internationally renowned and modern general hospital for its substantial strength, complete facilities and first-class service, which are widely approved and acknowledged by both civilians and military personnel.

Medical Service

Xijing Hospital is the diagnosis and treatment center for difficult and complicated diseases in China's Northwest Region. The hospital now has some 2 600 hospital beds, 32 clinical departments and 11 departments of medical technology. The hospital has a working staff of more than 2 000 professional and technical personnel, among whom nearly 400 are chief physicians or chief surgeons. In the year of 2007, the annual number of outpatients and emergency cases reached 1 570 000, and the numbers of inpatients and surgeries performed were 69 800 and 30 700 respectively. The annual number of the patients treated, the quality of the medical service and the efficiency of the medical staff all have increased consecutively for the past 10 years.

Ever since its establishment, Xijing Hospital has been living up to its motto "Quality medical service is the basis of survival, innovation is the source of development". The medical staff in the hospital has been working diligently to ensure high-quality medical service on the one hand and to foster innovation on the other. The hospital’s domestic and international reputation has been built on a long list of successful firsts and milestone achievements scored in the hospital. In 195x, an advanced acoustic neuroma was successfully resected via trans-tentorial approach. In 1958, China's first case of open-heart surgery with extracorporeal circulation was accomplished. In 196x, a critically ill patient with 96% total burn surface area and 68% third degree burn area was resurrected. In 198x, the world's first case of replantation of ten completely severed fingers was successfully performed. The first successful case of living-related liver transplantation in 199x and the first successful case of living-related small bowel transplantation in 199x both became milestones in the history of organ transplantation in China. In 1994, reconstituted bone xenograft was developed, which drew worldwide interest and attention. In 2001, a novel class of disease – Fatal Bacteria Granuloma after Trauma was discovered and named, a cutting-edge in the field of dermatology. In 2005, simultaneous liver-pancreas-kidney-partial duodenum transplantation (the second case in Asia) was successfully conducted. In 2006, face allograft (first case in China and second in the world) was accomplished, which was listed as one of the China's Top Ten News in Medical Science and Technology in the year of 2006.

By generations of persistent hard work, the hospital has exhibited sizeable strength in multidisciplinary collaboration in the rescue of urgent, difficult, critical and complicated cases. The hospital has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of national health.


As a teaching hospital of the FMMU, Xijing Hospital offers multi-level clinical medical courses to both undergraduate and graduate students. The hospital now has 34 disciplines and 33 disciplines authorized respectively for conferring master's degree and doctor's degree and the hospital is one of the national post-doctoral research stations for clinical medicine. Among its staff are one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, four appointed Cheung Kong Chair Professors by Cheung Kong Scholar Program and five professors with National Outstanding Young Scientist Fund. Eleven professors have been honored with the title "Star Scientist" by the General Logistics (GLD) of the PLA, one with "GLD Master Teacher" and four with "National Outstanding Young Experts". Two doctors have won the "Chinese Doctor Prize", the highest honor in the medical field of China and 95 professors are enjoying special allowance granted by the State Council for their achievements.


In line with the hospital's development strategy of prospering the hospital through science and technology, Xijing hospital has trained large numbers of high-level scientific research personnel and scored plentiful achievements of landmark significance in medical science and technology. The hospital now ranks first among hospitals nationwide in terms of awards, grants and publications. Ever since the "Ninth Five-Year Plan", the hospital has been awarded more than 100 achievement prizes of second-class or higher, of which 19 are National Science and Technology Awards. In 2001, the hospital won 3 second-class National Prizes of Scientific and Technological Advancement, ranking first among all hospitals in China. In four consecutive years from 2000 to 2003, the hospital also ranked first among all national medical establishments in the number of research articles published in source journals. In three consecutive years from 2005 to 2007, the hospital took the lead in the number of projects supported by the National Natural Science Fund among all hospitals in China. In 2006, 142 original articles were published in SCI indexed international journals.

With commitment and dedication to first-class medical service, Xijing Hospital will make greater contributions to the improvement of national health.

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