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Bus Routes

bus 11: Beidajie—Wulukou—Kandfu Road—Qinggong market—Puzi cun (transferring stop to bus 42)—terminal stop (Tangdu Hospital)

bus 42 route: Railway Station-- Kandfu road—Qinggong market—Puzi cun-Terminal stop (Tangdu Hospital)

bus 105 route: Railway Station--Kandfu road—Qinggong market- Puzi cun (transferring stop to bus 42)—terminal stop (Tangdu Hospital)

bus 231 route: North Gate—Anrenfang—Qinggong market—Fangbei road

bus 401 route: Mingde gate—Yuxiang Gate—Dongwu road—Qinggong market- puzicun-terminal stop(Tangdu Hospital)

bus 507 route: Laodongnan road—Yuxiang Gate-- Dongwu road-Qinggong marke- Fangbei road   

bus 508 route: Peihua University—Zhongwan market—Textile building—terminal stopTangdu Hospital

hotline: 02984777777


Fourth Military Medical University 
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