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Main Resource

 Resource(Limit within university)

 Foreign Language Fulltext Database

 1. ScienceDirect

   ScienceDirect® is the world's largest electronic collection of science, technology and medicine full text and bibliographic information. It offers a wide variety of features and content. More than 2,500 journals and almost nine million full-text articles are currently available online.

2. SpringerLink

    The database has more than 1200 journals available online.  

3. ProQuest Medical Library(PML)

    The database has over 975 tiles, with more than 880 medical titles in full text (selected journals are available in color) with abstracts and indexing from the well-known MEDLINE® database.

4. ProQuest Digital Dissertations(PQDD)

    PQDD is the world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations, it represents the work of authors from over 1,000 graduate schools and universities in North America and from around the globe. Over 60,000 new dissertations are added to the database each year. We can use the full-text dissertations which we subscribe. 

B. Foreign Language Abstract Database


    MEDLINE is a version of the bibliographic database of the National Library of Medicine. It is the primary source in the United States for information from the biomedical literature, containing references to articles from more than 3500 journals, and is the computerized counterpart of "Index Medicus ," the "Index to Dental Literature," and the "International Nursing Index."  

2. British Pharmacopoeia 2000

C.  Chinese Fulltext Database

1. Chinese Journal Full Text Database

It is published by Qinghua Tongfang

 2. VP Fulltext Database

It is published by Chongqing VP

3. Chinese Doctor & Master Degree Dissertations Database

It is published by Qinghua Tongfang

D. Chinese Abstract Database  

1. Chinese Biomedical Literature Database on Disc (CBMdisc)

   It is the hardcore of medical literature analysis and retrieval system in Chinese. 

2. Chinese Medical Current Contents(CMCC)

   It is published by the library of PLA.

3. Chinese Medical Citation Index(CMCI)

  The database contains the references cited by the authors of the articles. You can use these references to do cited reference searching.

E. Self-build Database

1.CALIS Information Navigation Database

   Including Aerospace Medicine and Communication Diseases

2. Dissertation Database

   Database Collecting Dissertation in Our University from 1982

3. Examination System


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