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Undergraduate Education

The education for undergraduates in our university is designed to foster highly professional talents with basic military qualities for the development of the medical service of PLA. At present, we have 12 undergraduate majors: eight-year-program clinical medicine, eight-year-program oral medicine, five-year-program clinical medicine (for medical generalists), five-year-program clinical medicine (for aeromedical specialists), five-year-program clinical medicine (for recuperating specialists), five-year-program oral medicine, four-year-program pharmacy, four-year-program pharmaceutical preparation, four-year-program biomedical engineering, four-year-program biological technology, four-year-pro...


Graduate Education

The Graduate Administration Division has five regiments under its command: one regiment for candidates for doctoral degrees, three regiments for Master's degree candidates and one regiment for students who are informally enrolled attending the regular classes just for applying for degree.
Since its establishment, the Graduate Administration Division has adhered to its guiding ideology --- "diligent, honest, creative and pioneering" ---


Continuing Education
The students' life is substantiating and colourful. At ordinary times, exhibitions of the blackboard newspaper, exhibitions of calligraphy and painting ,photographic exhibitions are often held in front of the building. On every festivals or holidays, there are endless activities such as football matches, basketball matches, tug-of-wars, spirited speeches and discussions, charity parties full of love. Everywhere on the campus can you see the energetic green figures full of joy and vigour.

Fourth Military Medical University 
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