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Brief Introduction of the Undergraduate Education

The education for undergraduates in our university is designed to foster highly professional talents with basic military qualities for the development of the medical service of PLA. At present, we have 12 undergraduate majors: eight-year-program clinical medicine, eight-year-program oral medicine, five-year-program clinical medicine (for medical generalists), five-year-program clinical medicine (for aeromedical specialists), five-year-program clinical medicine (for recuperating specialists), five-year-program oral medicine, four-year-program pharmacy, four-year-program pharmaceutical preparation, four-year-program biomedical engineering, four-year-program biological technology, four-year-program public affairs administration and four-year-program nursing . Now there are more than 2,600 undergraduates in our university and about 400 students are recruited every year.

Our university is well equipped. With a floor space of 12, 000 square meters, the library boasts about 770,000 books, and is equipped with the CD-Rom searching system, data microphotography system and an electronic reading room with more than 320 computers. All the units of the university are connected to the state-of-art campus information network and the network of the military colleges and universities. Besides, our university owns a series of public teaching infrastructures, including a teaching specimen exhibition hall, a computer teaching center, a foreign language teaching center, a lab center of basic medicine teaching, an education technology center, a modernized teaching control center, a huge stadium and a hot spring swimming pool, all of which rank top among the domestic colleges and universities.

Our university has a highly competitive faculty. There are one member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, two members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 273 experts enjoying the special government allowances and four members of the Disciplinary Appraisal Panels under the State Council. Besides, we have invited more than 80 well-known experts from home and abroad to be our guest professors or emeritus professors.43.2% of the teachers are professors or associate professors and 87.8% of them have the master's degree or above (56.1% with PhD). More than 40 young teachers have received a variety of national rewards and honorary titles, such as Chinese Young Scientist Award, "Qiushi" Practical Engineering Award, National Award for Young Experts with Extraordinary Contribution, etc.

Our university has made great achievements in teaching reform. Since 1997, we have received many national and military awards for teaching achievements. In 2001, we gained top-grade award of national teaching achievements on account of our major program of national teaching reform Constructing a New Experimental Teaching System of Clinical Medical Undergraduate Education. Proudly speaking, our university, being equal to Beijing University and Qinghua University, is one of the only three universities owning this award. In addition, our school has won one first prize and four second prizes for national teaching achievements, six first prizes for the military teaching achievements. Furthermore, we have three curriculums assessed as national exquisite courses and four curriculums as GLD exquisite courses, and has edited 19 books of the national textbook series for 21st century, 16 books of the national '10th Five-Year Plan' teaching materials, 18 books of '11th Five-Year Plan' teaching materials.

Since our university combination 54 years ago, we have cultivated over 80,000 medical professionals, including model students such as Zhang Hua, 'excellent university student with ambition and devotion', and model groups such as 'Huashan rescue group' and 'Team of the model students' who have given lectures on their deeds in the People's Great Hall three times.

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