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 State Key Disciplines
- Department of Dermatology
- Institute of Neurosciences
- Department of Pathology and Pathophysiology
- Department of Microbiology (DOM)
- Department of Human Anatomy, Histology and Embryology
- Department of Gastroenterology
- Department of Orthopaedics
- Imaging Medicine and Nuclear Medicine
- Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
- Department of Preclinical Dentistry
- Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
- Department of Neurosurgery
- Department of the Infectious Diseases
- Public Health and Military Preventive Medicine
- Aerospace Medicine
- Clinical Stomatology
 State Key Laboratories
- State Key Laboratory of Military Stomatology
- State Key Laboratory of Cancer Biology


Academic Productions
Academic Productions

·The application and research of radioimmunotherapy against hepatoma and its target molecule HAb18G/CD147, 2005,Chen ZN, Mi L, Zhu P , Xing JL, Jiang JL, Shang P, Bian HJ, Liu YF, Sui YF, Zhang SH.

·Experimental and clinical studies of living related liver transplantation,2002,Dou KF, Guan WX, Li KZ , Gao ZQ, Fu YC, Zhao QC, Song ZS, Chen Y, Li HM ,Hou XJ.

·Experimental and clinical studies on degeneration and regeneration following injury and delayed repair of peripheral nerves,2001-1,Huang YT, Hu YY, Yin Q , Fu BE, Ma P, Wang SS, Zhu JY, Lu R, Xu XZ.
·The studies on pharmacokinetics of syndrome and formula of Chinese Medicine,2001-2,Chen KJ, Huang X, Wen AD, Ren P, Jiang YP, Ma XC, Zhang L, Zang YM, Xia T.

·The studies on retention of complete denture in edentulous patients,2000-1,Guo TW, Shi SG, Zhao YM , Ou YG, Feng HL, Yan ZM, Shi CS, Mao Y, Liu BL.

·Borders localization in microelectrode-guided pallidotomy for treatment of Parkinson's Disease,2000-2,Gao GD, Zhang H, Wang XL , Zhang BG, Li YL, Hou F.

Academic Publications
- Chinese Journal of Neurosurgical Disease Research
- Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy
- Chinese Journal of Cellular and Molecular Immunology
- Chinese Heart Journal
- Jouanal of Practical Stomatolgy
- Chinese Journal Conservative Dentistry
- Journal of the Fourth Military Medical University

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