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College of Nursing

Nursing College of the Fourth Military Medical University grew out of the Nursing School of the Fourth Military Medical University, initially set up in 1951. It offers three nursing programs to students for associate degree, bachelor's degree and master's degree. In 2000 College of Nursing was ratified as one of the disciplines conferring doctoral and master's degree. The college has produced more than 5,000 nursing workers for the army and country. In 2004 the Party Committee of Nursing College was chosen as "Advanced Party Committee" by the General Logistics Department of PLA. In 2006 the college was conferred the title "National Advanced Women's Collective".

Training Objectives

The college aims at educating high-quality nursing workers engaged in clinical nursingnursing administrationnursing education and nursing research in order to make them develop in an all-round way morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically, which accords with the demands of the development of modern medicine in 21st century.  

Training Levels

The college undertakes various teaching tasks mainly for undergraduates and postgraduates as well as in-service training classes for both military and civilian services. The main research projects of the postgraduates for master's degree are as follows: intensive care and infection control, health care for the aged, medical nursing and education, tumor nursing and hospice. The major educational projects for in-service training include various training classes, such as senior nursing teachers, trauma and emergency, nursing research, nursing psychology, gerocomia, and community nursing, etc.

Training Features

The college consistently keeps abreast of the latest development of nursing education at home and abroad. The students of the college are celebrated for their solid basic theoretical knowledge, perfect professional skills, strict discipline, and fine comprehensive qualities. It has taken the initiative in offering Nursing Aesthetics and Etiquette, which is one of the courses about the humane education in nursing among medical colleges and universities in China. It has evolved its distinguishing features and superiority in curriculum framework, qualities of teachers, teaching methods, teaching media, and construction of teaching materials. Nursing Aesthetics is the first published textbook in military colleges and universities in China, which has been awarded a military prize and a national prize of excellent teaching achievements. Another national prize was awarded to Etiquette of Nurses and Physique of Nurses, the first series of multimedia CAI courses of network edition published in China.

Teaching Staff

The teachers in the college are meticulous and precise in work, 80 percent of whom have been conferred Master's or Doctor's degree. Many of them have been awarded the honorable title of exemplary teacher of the FMMU or the PLA.


The college has a great quantity of modern sophisticated equipment applied to teaching and research work. Such facilities as multimedia classrooms, physique training rooms, nursing laboratories, authentically simulated wards rank first class among all nursing colleges of medical universities in China. With the aid of strong teaching staff in basic medicine education, the college has constructed a perfect teaching system and created a favorable atmosphere for scientific research. College of Nursing has developed into an important base for training high-quality nursing workers for both military and civilian services.





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