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School of Preclinical Medicine

Brief Introduction of the Preclinical Medicine School

Founded in Oct. 1992, the Preclinical Medicine School of the Fourth Military Medical University is composed of 12 departments, of which 6 are the national key disciplines (human anatomy and histoembryology, pathogenic microbiology, pathology and pathophysiology, neurobiology, biochemistry and molecular biology and cytobiology), 8 are key disciplines supported by the state "Project 211", 4 key labs of PLA, 5 state key labs. There are 2 first-grade disciplines ratified to confer doctoral degree (mobile research station of post-doctors), 10 disciplines ratified to confer doctoral degree, 11 disciplines master's degree, 4 disciplines with professors appointed by The Cheung Kong Scholars Programme and 1 Scientific Research Innovation Team of the Education Ministry of China.


There are 90 professors and associate professors, of whom 29 are supervisors of doctoral graduates and 49 supervisors of master's degree graduates. 521 graduates for doctoral degree and 706 graduates for master's degree have been cultivated and 15 post-doctoral researchers have been recruited, of whom 10 have finished their work. There are 1 member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 1 member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 professors appointed by the Cheung Kong Scholars Programme, 8 scholars supported by National Excellent Youth Foundation of China, 2 members of the National 100 Stars of Medical Science, 25 awarded the national title of Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions, the Award of Truth-Seeking Project and Specialized Technical Contributions Award of PLA and 65 entitled to the Government Special Allowance.

Basic construction of teaching

The teaching assignment of more than 20,000 teaching hours is carried out at four different levels annually. There are 16 outstanding teachers of the state, PLA or General Logistics Department and 1 outstanding core teacher of the national colleges and universities. 26 teaching materials of the national projects have been edited. 2 construction projects of the national new century network curriculum --- Pathophysiology and Molecular Biology, and 10 construction projects of network teaching resources of our university have been completed. 45 teaching prizes of the state, PLA and our university have been awarded. The experiment center of preclinical medical teaching was first set up with the largest scale, the most intensive teaching reform and the greatest impact in the country. Experiments in 30 labs with the floor space of more than 4,000 square meters have been developed into five general experiment modules: medical morphous, medical function, biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry and multimedia simulation. There are 7 modern multimedia language labs and 2 multimedia language-teaching theaters in the teaching center of foreign language, with the floor space of 1,800 square meters and 578 seats. It is the only training center of the General Logistics Department and the only discipline ratified to confer the master's degree in the university without students of English major in PLA. There are well-equipped building of anatomy lab with the floor space of 2,700 square meters and the teaching room of human anatomy sample with the floor space of 1,000 square meters. 

Teaching achievements

19 prizes of the teaching achievement have been awarded at the levels of the state, PLA and the province.

Scientific research achievements

Since the 10th five-year plan, 365 projects supported by such funds as NNSFC, "973", "863", the national key technology specialty programme, key technologies r&d programme and medical technology programme of PLA, have been gained, worth over 160 million RMB yuan. 7 prizes of the national science award, award of advances in science and technology and technological invention award and 20 second prizes of technological achievements have been won at the level of province or ministry or above. 2631 scientific research papers with the first authorship or the corresponding authorship have been published, of which 347 are published in the international SCI journals. As the core scientific journals of China, Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy, Chinese Journal of Cellular and Molecular Immunology and Chinese Heart Journal are sponsored by the school. 

 Famous Teachers


- Wen Yin     - Libo YAO    
- Zhikai XU     - Rui-An WANG    
- Jianming PEI     - Libing LIU    
- Hua HAN     - Guangchun GE    
- Feng GAO     - An-gang YANG    
- Yunqing LI     - Zhinan CHEN    
- Gong JU    



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